The secret sauce to our success

We live in a world with a growing number of compassionate and eco-conscious consumers who encompass a strong knowledge and affinity for health and food ingredients. This is what fuels Upbeet Foods; we aim to uncover the flavours of home cooked meals, and not have to compromise great taste.

We are here to emPOWER with PLANTS.

The Upbeet Foods team is built on three pillars that drive our every day business operations: motivation, teamwork, and client satisfaction. Our company aims to better the lifestyle of those who are committed to their mind, body, and soul but are struggling to find the time to cook and enjoy satisfying meals that are going to fuel their bodies with happiness and health. We take the hassle out of eating well by delivering ready-made, savoury plant-based meals right to your home or office. We are here to educate, motivate, and deliver to vegetarians, vegans as well as curious flexitarians! The only thing you won’t be eating into is your time and your budget.

Everyday our team of seasoned chefs, walk into the kitchen inspired to create: To create a refreshing culinary experience. To create a harmony between food and health. To create a connection between what you eat and your inspired “self”. And most importantly, to create simple yet innovative vegan meals that cover cuisines from around the world. Our seasonable menu rotates weekly, and all recipes are packed with homegrown ingredients picked out only from local Ontario farmers. With the freshest plant based ingredients in hand, we let our chefs do the cooking and our meals do the talking.

This is our story…let’s work together to create a new one.

QUEEN BEET (CEO – Chief of Everything)

Meet Misha. Founder and CEO of Upbeet Foods. An entrepreneur at heart, avid health nut, athlete, marketing guru, food connoisseur, and world traveler – Misha does not just take the road less traveled, she paves her own road entirely. What started off as a dream of a healthier, more compassionate world has unfolded into a reputable business brand – one that inspires women not to be outliers, but to be groundbreakers that revolutionize the shifting paradigm in female leadership. Misha’s business approach combines her undeniable energy and strategic commitment with her down to earth and amicable self. When she is not planting delicious meals at your table, you can find Misha at the skating rink perfecting her double salchow, booking her next travel ticket, and on occasion, biting into a guilty pleasure of vegan desserts. A vegetable that best describes Misha is an onion – a powerful spice crop often known for its layers of character, strengths, and ability to present a plethora of flavours to a dish.


Meet Chef Donna. A multi-faceted culinary artiste, baguette connoisseur, and previous owner of Ubashi Breads. She is the creator of all meals and mastermind behind our innovative menu. At work, Donna strives to craft dishes that combine freshness, intense flavour, and exceptional quality. It is her knowledge, positive attitude, and drive in the Upbeet Foods kitchen that plates client expectations and creative possibilities. At home, Donna can be found spending time with her three amazing teenagers and sweet puppy, sweating it out at a local spin class, and honing her epicurean talent. A vegetable that best describes Donna is a potato – a versatile powerhouse that can be cooked in many different ways.


Meet Nikki. One of the creative heads behind our vision. She is a Bachelors of Commerce graduate, currently working in the world of corporate retail and pursuing her passion for creative writing at Upbeet Foods as one of the Content Creators. Nikki’s integrative approach to her work marries creative writing with digital elements, design, and strategy to inspire bigger ideas and experiences. Her enthusiasm and drive is at the forefront of every project that she takes on. Offline, you can find her whipping up a dessert, practicing her yogic energy on the mat, or piecing together an outfit from head to toe! A vegetable that best describes Nikki is a jalapeño – a trustworthy member of the pepper family that can be added to any dish for a little zing!


Meet Dennis. Upbeet Foods Digital Branding Coordinator. A vivid “out of the box” thinker, Dennis is inspired by his love for culture and design. Each strategy that he executes expresses passion with a kick of spontaneity! Outside of work, you can find him playing a good ol’ game of cards, adding new finds to his technology collection, and honing his graphic design talent! A vegetable that best describes Dennis is a carrot – strong, and unrelenting however, after being subjected to the boiling water, is soft and quite the plate pleaser!


Meet Sarah. A student, music lover, creative writing guru, and talented food-tographer. Her role as a Content Creator includes dreaming up new indulgent recipes, taking pretty photos, and making Upbeet meals sound as good as they taste! Sarah’s expertise with food and all things vegan paired with her contagious energy allows her to deliver inspiring content on everything that she touches. When she puts the pen down, you can find Sarah professing her love for singing and songwriting, biking around the city, and frequenting local music venues to write gig reviews! A vegetable that best describes Sarah is a carrot – sweet and colourful, with a bit of a crunch!


Meet Shelly. A BBA degree student at the Schulich School of Business and Upbeet Foods’ savvy, self-motivated, Sales and Marketing Associate. Always eager for a challenge, Shelly takes an unconventional approach to voicing our brand and working with our customers. School and work aside, Shelly holds a black belt in Martial Arts, and is an avid animal lover! A vegetable that best describes Shelly is a tomato – a fruit for some and a vegetable for others, loaded with a wealth of ideas (nutrients and vitamins)!


Meet Harjot. A numbers man with a keen interest in financial analysis and Upbeet Foods Accounting and Finance Associate. Harjot is currently pursuing his BBA degree at the Schulich School of Business. At work, he is always focused, confident, and ready to take on the world of numbers head-on. When he sets aside his calculator and Excel workbooks , you can catch Harjot playing basketball, running, training for, and competing in marathons. A vegetable that best describes Harjot would be a sweet potato – a healthy twist on a tried and trusted carb!


Meet Linda. Upbeet Foods digital mastermind, Art Director, and Graphic Designer. An adventurous soul always on the lookout for new ideas, Linda prides herself in her passion for creation and the ability to bring brands to life. A seasoned visual artist, Linda is quite the active butterfly in the Toronto arts community. Each year she runs a craft fair which supports local creative talent. She is also the proud parent of a beautiful toddler and baby girl, whom she loves to take on little adventures like camping and exploring! They think she is pretty funny. A vegetable that best describes Linda is corn – a colourful, sweet, and refreshing side to any dish!


Meet Miquela. Upbeet Foods Marketing Communications & Social Media Intern. Whether she is posting a tweet, sharing on Instagram, or liking on Facebook, Miquela is always plugged in. Her work is defined by bold and bright ideas and it is her constant attention to detail which always keep her one step ahead of the social media game. When Miquela is taking a break from her digital devices, she is living her city girl life at movie theatres, concerts, plays, and special events. A vegetable that best describes Miquela is corn – multi-dimensional, slightly corny, but very charming!


Meet George. Our ‘Upbeat’ driver who is making moves all over the GTA with your meals. He is known for his fun-loving attitude, being a team player, and never failing to put a smile on our faces after a long day’s work. A fruit that best describes George is an apple – although not an obvious member of the vegetable family, apples are well-known for adding a lot of excitement to plant-based meals with their varieties ranging from sweet to sour!


Meet Andrzej. Seasoned Prep Cook and full-time vegan food enthusiast. The kitchen is Andrzej’s playground, where he works to create only the finest of culinary masterpieces. He believes the most flavourful meals are made simply with fresh, high quality products and considers it part of his job to inspire the Upbeet community with his dishes. When he is not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Andrzej is channeling his creative notes as a Toronto musician and recording artist. A vegetable that best describes Andrzej would be brussel sprouts – a timid member of the cabbage family that may not always be the first pick on your plate, but grows to become one of your favourites!


Meet Neetu. A CA, CPA by day and a nature loving, woodworking, community enthusiast by night. She aims to keep Upbeet ahead of the curve in all finance matters! Neetu has a strong knack for seeing the bigger picture when it comes to financial planning and ensures all aspects of the business are taken into consideration. Her unconventional take on “how fun accounting and finance can be” makes her an excellent addition to our team. A vegetable that best represents Neetu would be spinach – a fortified and energizing green, added to everything from salads to smoothies for that extra boost to the day!


Meet Rishi. Upbeet Food’ transport superhero. His optimism, patience, and outstanding sense of geographical direction are just a few of the things that he brings with him as he buckles in for meal deliveries. Off the road, he is a free spirit – always on the hunt for new adventures, spending time with his guitar, and playing music for family and friends! A vegetable that best describes Rishi is a cucumber – cool, calm and collected.


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