3 Unique Vegan Meal Ideas to Spice Up Your Staff Meeting

- From Meatless Monday to Finger Foods -


Let’s admit it – staff meetings can be a drag. Your employees are still waking up, your agenda is miles long, and you’re tasked with bringing all the energy and excitement (whether you’ve got it or not). There’s only one tried and true solution for spicing up the boardroom: food. In fact, catering for meetings and corporate events has had proven benefits in the workplace, for both you and your team. 

When you order a tasty spread, you’re showing them you care. You’re creating a shared experience and a shift from the ordinary. This boosts morale and increases productivity, while providing a social environment for the team to bond over. Plus, in case you never noticed, people tend to get happy when you give ‘em free food. When all their needs are met (and their bodies are full and fueled), your needs will be met, too. 

Ready to start catering your meetings, but want to keep things interesting for the team? Here are 3 unique catering ideas that will keep them on their toes and excited to come to work.

Go Meat-Free 

It doesn’t have to be Monday to go meatless! The benefits of eating vegetarian are endless. First off, it’s simply more nutritious. But did you know eating less meat can also help prevent heart problems, stroke, obesity, diabetes and even cancer?

On top of that, vegetarianism is one big love letter to the environment. Animal agriculture is one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide in the world, more than all sources of transportation combined. When you take a break from meat, you’re also saving water, reducing your carbon footprint, and taking a stance against climate change. 

Show your employees how tasty meat-free can be with a vegan and vegetarian corporate caterer, like Upbeet Foods. Our corporate menus offer a satisfying selection of high quality plant based dishes. While they get to try something new, you get major boss brownie points for contributing to health and sustainability. 

Choose A Theme 

Take the team around the world with themed lunches and meetings. From Indian to Greek to Italian, choosing one cuisine is a unique way to keep your employees engaged. Basically, sandwiches and pizza get boring. 

Use this idea to get the team even more involved by asking for theme suggestions each week! Maybe your account manager wants to share her Lebanese culture with her colleagues or perhaps your lead graphic designer has been craving authentic Mexican grub for weeks. Make it entertaining and they’ll be counting the minutes until the meeting starts. 

Upbeet Foods has you covered with two themed summer menus. Under The Tuscan Sun is a full on plant based pasta party, featuring rich Italian flavours from pesto to basil marinara. Mumbai in July is an authentic Indian feast, vegan samosas included (of course). Order now for your next staff party! 

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Finger Foods For The Win 

Bite-sized are back, baby. There’s nothing better than a spread of appetizers. You get more variety across the table and everything just looks so darn cute. Treat your team to a fun and filling array of finger foods and they’ll be pretty happy they showed up to work.

From our BBQ Cauliflower Wings to Falafel Bites and Hand Cut Yam Fries with Homemade Beet Ketchup, Upbeet Foods has a monster menu of vegan finger foods that the whole crew can indulge in. Our Poolside Potluck summer menu has a handful of these goodies and more! 

Place a catering order from one of our 3 summer menus and you’ll receive 50% off your delivery fee! Contact us at catering@upbeetfoods.com to get started.

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