8 High Protein Vegan Meals to Work That Summer Bod

- The protein's in the plants. -


One of the first questions every new vegan has is: how do I get my protein without eating meat?! Our answer: the same way the meat gets theirs. Plants, baby. And lots of ‘em. There are so many fantastic sources of protein that come from the Earth and all of them are highly nutritious and easy to cook with. Here are 8 mouthwatering vegan meals that are extra high in protein for that bikini bod workout recovery.

Balsamic Chickpea Kale Salad


vegan kale salad healthy


Chickpeas – aka garbanzo beans – are one of the top plant based protein kickers. With about 15 grams of protein per cooked cup, these super beans are the perfect addition to any salad. And just as an added bonus, chickpeas are also a kick ass source of fibre and iron.

This flavour forward salad features chickpeas in a balsamic glaze tossed over fresh kale and chopped basil, then topped with roasted almonds and dried cranberries for a sweet and crunchy kick.

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl

buddha bowl tofu healthy

Few plants are higher in protein than soybeans. They are considered a whole source of protein, which means they contain all the essential amino acids the body needs to thrive. One of the most popular vegan soybean sources is tofu – and for good reason. It can be sliced, crumbled, fried, marinated, and baked in every way imaginable. That calls for a lot of plant based meat alternatives and inventive recipes. But sometimes, the best way to enjoy tofu is in its most simple form.

This overflowing Buddha bowl has mirin baked tofu paired with roasted sweet potato, fresh bell peppers and spiralized zucchini, all served over quinoa – another complete protein source boasting about 9 grams per cooked cup. Basically, if you’re craving a protein boost this plant based bowl is up to the task. 

Vegan Rajma Masala

rajma masala vegan indian

Along with chickpeas, several other beans – including black, pinto and kidney – are extra high in protein. Plus, they decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and even help with weight loss. The point is, beans are a vegan’s best friend. Indian cuisine gets it and countless of their authentic recipes use beans as a main ingredient. Rajma masala is no exception.

This authentic dish simmers red kidney beans in fresh tomato sauce and serves it up over wholesome brown rice. Simple, savoury, and supercharged with protein.

3 Layer Lentil Lasagna

vegan lasagna healthy

Bet you didn’t think lasagna could be a nutritious protein dream. When it’s packed with lentil and tofu marinade, you better believe it is. With 18 grams of protein per cooked cup, lentils are one of the most important ingredients to keep in your pantry. Not to mention, a single cup provides about 50% of your daily fibre intake.

This rich and rewarding triple layer lasagna has antioxidizing eggplant, lentil bolognese, and a tofu-based ricotta. Indulgence has never been so healthy.

Chickpea Nicoise Salad

vegan nicoise salad

Did we mention we’re obsessed with chickpea? This vegan spin on a nicoise salad replaces tuna with savoury chickpea smash for a proper protein kick. Tossed with crisp green beans, mini potatoes, olives, and a sweet Dijon dressing.

Three Bean Chili

We already know beans are a top notch protein source. Put three different types together and you’ve got a full fledged protein party. This vegan chili features a tasty trio of kidney, cannellini and pinto beans stewed with hints of smoked paprika and cumin in every bite. That’s over 20 grams of protein in one satisfying serving!

Turmeric Chickpea Scramble

vegan chickpea scramble

No better time for protein than breakfast! Chickpea scramble is a perfect replacement for eggs and will keep you equally as fueled. Flavoured with turmeric and paired with roasted potato and lemony kale for a full plant based feast after that morning run.

Citrus Tofu Marinade

vegan meal delivery toronto

We’re ending the list with another tofu shout out because, well, duh. This super simple dish stars bite-sized tofu marinated in fresh lemon and garlic cloves, then served over protein rich cooked quinoa with a lemon & oil vinaigrette.


Every dish on this list is a vegan protein dream. Using simple flavours and only plants, you can meet all your daily nutrient needs from protein intake to fibre and iron. New to veganism and overwhelmed by the options? Or are you just too busy to make all these delicious dishes? The good news is every meal on the list is on Upbeet’s rotating meal subscription menu! And you can get 10% off a subscription plan of vegan meals delivered right to your door in Toronto and the GTA when you use the coupon code UPBEET10.

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