Go Eggless This Easter With These Vegan Brunch Ideas

- The Plant Based Breakfast of Champions -

Sorry, Easter Bunny.

We’re going eggless this holiday long weekend with a full on vegan feast! And if you’re anything like us, you know that brunch is always the best place to start. We hear a lot of first time vegans saying “I had to give up brunch” or “there’s nothing on a brunch menu that I can eat”. Don’t worry – we’ve been there. That’s why we decided to change the breakfast status-quo. 

Here are some of our tried and true brunch dishes, designed to keep even the meat-eaters coming back for more.

Sunshine Tofu Scramble 


vegan tofu scramble catering meal delivery

This dish is a vegan brunch classic! Mix crumbly tofu with the right ingredients and you’ve got an egg-free scramble worthy of awards. We know, we know – tofu has a rep for being “flavourless”. But luckily, seasoning is our speciality. This scramble is spiced with turmeric and sriracha for a good morning kick, then sautéed with vitamin-rich bell peppers and spinach to keep those energy levels high the rest of the day.

HOT TIP: Try it in a gluten-free wrap!

vegan catering toronto weddings events

Vegan Pancakes

vegan breakfast catering toronto

Ohhhh, yes. The mother of all brunch dishes. These vegan pancakes are basically heaven on a plate. Are they light and fluffy? Yep. Do they have that buttery richness with no butter at all? Uh huh. Do we basically eat them every weekend? SORRY, NOT SORRY.

Piled high with Canadian maple syrup, fresh berries, and dairy-free whipped cream if you’re feeling fancy, our flapjacks are a plant based dream come true.

Multi-Coloured Tofu Quiche


vegan catering meal delivery toronto

Just like the scramble we mentioned earlier, tofu is the magic ingredient that can make a vegan quiche both true to its form and insanely tasty. Start with a tender, flaky, buttery crust and then load ‘er up with plant based perfection. The wholesome filling features sautéed tofu, seasoned potato, crisp broccoli, mushroom, bell pepper and an aromatic blend of fresh spices.


Hop to it – order today for Easter long weekend. 


All three of these brunch beauties are available on Upbeet’s extensive catering menu! Simply place your order and we’ll deliver the plant based goodness right to your doorstep in Toronto and all over the GTA. AND, because we want you to be as obsessed with your Easter brunch as we’ll be with ours, our medium catering trays are all BOGO 50% OFF until April 21st!

Surprise your Easter feast-ers with something satisfying and nutritious that will exceed their egg-spectations (sorry – we had to). Click HERE to see our catering options or email catering@upbeetfoods.com to place your order! 

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