Impress Bae With These Tasty Valentine's Meal Ideas

- Plant Based Recipes For Date Night -

Our Top Picks For Your Vegan Valentine’s Date Night

Valentine’s Day is great and all, but if you ask us the best part of it all is – duh – the food. I mean, what’s more romantic than sharing a homemade meal Lady And The Tramp style? In fact, several studies have proven that couples who eat together, stay together. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to sit and converse after a busy day, but it also promotes shared decision-making and teaches you more about each other with each bite. Plus, preparing a meal for your boo is a subtle (and savoury) way to show them you care.

With V-day fast approaching, here’s our list of delicious vegan meal ideas that will impress your significant other and keep you both fueled for the rest of the night (wink, wink).

3-Layer Lentil Lasagna

Layers made with love. This plant based favourite swaps carbs for seasoned strips of antioxidizing eggplant. Featuring tasty tofu marinade, lentil bolognese, marinara and vegan parmesan stacked high for a savoury slice of heaven.

Coconut Tofu Curry 




Keep things spicy with this Indian-inspired tofu curry dish, packed with colourful veggies like red pepper, spinach, green onion and tomatoes and then seasoned with a pinch of sriracha and garlic. Cooked in a creamy coconut milk sauce and then poured over a bed of quinoa, this curry was made for sharing.

Pea Pesto Pasta




Italiana, mio amore? This nutritious dish uses green peas and fresh basil for an authentic tasting pesto sauce. Tossed with gluten-free fusilli, pine nuts and a touch of lemon, then topped with fresh arugula for even more green goodness.

Tofu Butter Chicken



Nothing says “I love you” like a carnivore classic turned vegan. Substitute chicken for savoury tofu marinade, chickpeas, and raw cashew, all mixed with an authentically seasoned butter chicken sauce and poured over wholesome brown rice.

HOT TIP: all of these meals are available for meal delivery and catering from Upbeet Foods. Our tray sized dishes arrive fresh at your door in Toronto and the GTA: simply reheat and serve and bae will never know it was catered.

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Impress Bae With These Tasty Vegan Valentine’s Meal Ideas

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