5 Vegan Substitutes For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

- From Lentil Shepherd's Pie to Mushroom Gravy -

5 Vegan Substitutes For Your Thanksgiving Dinner


Ahhh Thanksgiving. The time of year for gratitude, giving back, and – oh yeah – food. Although few things are better than a Thanksgiving feast, they usually aren’t so vegan friendly. Want to mix it up this year (and skip the hassle of cooking) with vegetarian catering for your dinner table? Upbeet Foods – Toronto and GTA’s top spot for plant based catering – has a Thanksgiving menu you’ll be thankful for. Whether you’re a vegan vet or simply looking to try something new, here are Upbeet’s five ways to substitute turkey day classics for plant based perfection.

1. Vegan Stuffing

Who says you need turkey to serve up a satisfying stuffing? All it takes is the right seasoning and just enough time in the oven for a golden brown finish. Upbeet uses a host of vitamin-rich veggies and staple spices like sage and thyme for an authentic taste and texture. Your guests won’t believe it’s plant based and you won’t believe it was so easy to order.


2. Lentil & Walnut Meatloaf

Meatloaf magic – minus the meat. Believe it or not, legumes and nuts combined are the perfect consistency for a vegan meatloaf with just the right density and flavour. Upbeet’s famous gluten-free loaf is loaded with plant based vitamins and nutrients, then topped off with a mouthwatering apple balsamic glaze for an autumn infusion. 

3. Mushroom Gravy

It’s all gravy once mushrooms come into play! Especially when no animals are harmed in the making. Mushroom provides the ideal flavour for a traditional gravy taste and thickness, perfect for drizzling on – well – everything. No judgement here.


4. Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Time to rethink comfort food. Substitute ground beef for hearty lentils and you’ve got a Shepherd’s Pie that is creative and cruelty-free. With layers on layers of goodness, from golden potatoes to sweet corn and sauteed zucchini, Upbeet’s Lentil Shepherd’s Pie is already a crowd favourite (and for good reason).   


5. Apple Pie

Finally: dessert! Using local, farm fresh apples and all natural ingredients wrapped in a flaky, low-fat crust, vegan apple pie is an extra tasty twist on the Thanksgiving tradition.

Do yourself a favour and skip the stress this October 8th. Upbeet’s vegan and vegetarian catering serves up all this and more across the GTA, including Brampton, Mississauga, Burlington, and Oakville. Delivered fresh right to your door, it’s never been easier to impress your guests with something different this Thanksgiving.


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