How to Add Vegan Food to your Office Holiday Party

When it comes to veganism, there will always be a handful of grinches in the mix. But now more than ever, offices are integrating plant based into workplace culture. It’s about sustainability, inclusiveness, and showing you care. Some of the world’s...

The Essential Guide to Plant Based Proteins

The number one thing vegans and vegetarians hear: “Where do you get your protein?” If you’re someone asking this question, or a new vegan trying to figure out their nutrient panels, this essential guide to plant based proteins is about to be your...

The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

With so many things to be thankful for, we can’t help but feel like a full table is near the top of the list. Of course, that’s never more true than on Thanksgiving! While this holiday is widely regarded as a vegan’s worst nightmare, we’ve got...

8 High Protein Vegan Meals to Work That Summer Bod

  One of the first questions every new vegan has is: how do I get my protein without eating meat?! Our answer: the same way the meat gets theirs. Plants, baby. And lots of ‘em. There are so many fantastic sources of protein that come from the Earth and all...

Toronto’s All Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Check out the great work we do. MEAL DELIVERY VEGAN CATERING

Toronto’s All Vegan Meal Delivery Service


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